Ao Smith 25 Litres Hse-vas

 8,800.00  7,800.00

Capacity 25 Litres
Energy Rating BEE 5 Star
Tank Material Glass Lined
Body Material ABS (Plastic)
Mount Type Vertical
Maximum Standing Loss 0.540 kWh/24h/45 Degree C diff
Actual Standing Loss 80/80 N/cm2, Water head m
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Bathing in warm or hot water is one of the most satisfying things to do in winters and needless to say, the best possible way of beginning the day. Many people use gas stoves and cooking gas to heat bathing water. This has a lot of disadvantages. The most important of these being the fact that because of this, the heat of the water is likely to be lost and you cannot rightly enjoy bathing in a satisfactory manner. Geysers provide you hot water just where you need it – right in your bathroom! This is one of the reasons why geysers are very important. With changing times, geysers have come a long way and have gone on from being just water heaters to become fully equipped modern water heating appliances. Of course, the applications of new technologies have made geysers pretty costly and that has become a slight problem. But Snapdeal has tackled that successfully by bringing to you the most modern of the geysers in the form of the AO Smith plastic storage geyser at the most exclusive deals and very, very affordable prices

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Weight 15 kg


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